The Student

Pictures by Reza Akram, Written by Yasas Ratnayake Looking at the apex of a mountain from miles away on level ground, a man envisions what the view from those soaring heights would be. Likewise, the student of Angampora too begins with a monumental vision and a grueling journey to look forward to. The art of … Continue reading The Student

The Task

Pictures by Reza Akram,¬†Written by Yasas Ratnayake All copyrights reserved | ¬© RezaAkram 2015 The world today is a hectic place. The hand of commerce and the buzz of technology drive our lives and shape our futures. Sri Lanka is a different place with different people; much different to what it was centuries ago. 3 … Continue reading The Task

History and Mystery

Pictures by Reza Akram, Written by Yasas Ratnayake It has been centuries since the rana bera or war drums beat in unison. Those throbbing rhythms brought visceral fear and horror to those who heard them coming from the distance. The rana bera crashed and rang out for millennia. Through the forests, in the plains, and … Continue reading History and Mystery

A Nation’s Legacy

Pictures by Reza Akram, Written by Yasas Ratnayake¬† A chiseled and intimidating looking man appears over the horizon. His body glistens in the morning sun illuminating the perfect muscular contours of his limbs and torso. Clad in a white loincloth with a crimson sash around his waist and armed with nothing but a glimmering kastane … Continue reading A Nation’s Legacy